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Preventing Injuries: At home at play and on the way

Preventable injuries are the number one killer of kids in the United States. Every year, 8,000 families lose a child because of a preventable injury. When a child dies, the lives of families change forever. Safe Kids Pennsylvania is part of the Safe Kids Worldwide global network dedicated to keeping kids safe from preventable childhood injury – the number one cause of death among children ages 1 to 19.

SKPA Highlight: Help Babies Learn to Stand and Walk Safely

There are some things to know about baby walkers: Many do not come with safety features that prevent the walkers from rolling down the stairs, and it is easy for children to fall or reach higher objects that may be unsafe. So please be extra careful. Because baby walkers can be dangerous, try using a stationary activity center. These items give your baby a chance to practice standing and moving more safely. Look for one that is on a stable, non-moveable base and place it away from stairs, hot appliances or window cords. Ok Cutie, Stay Put – tips on how to prevent walker-related injuries.

Injury Risk Areas

Riding unrestrained is the greatest risk factor for death and injury among child occupants of motor vehicles.

Falls are the leading cause of non-fatal injuries for all children

More than 2.6 million children receive medical treatment each year for sports and recreation-related injuries.

From blistering sun to busy holiday kitchen, each season has their own set of common injuries to consider.



Bringing home a new baby or buying a birthday gift for a child? With thousands of products to choose from it is hard to determine the best choice…

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Seasonal Safety

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Every Child Needs Sunscreen

Whether swimming in the pool or in the ocean during vacation, everyone needs to wear sunblock. With all the sunscreens available these days, choosing the right one for your children can be tricky. However, what matters most when picking a sunscreen is how well it protects the skin from UV rays.

Be Safe During Holiday Celebrations

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission indicates that approximately 12,000 people receive treatment each year in emergency departments because of firework-related injuries. An estimated 20 percent of these treatments are for eye-related injuries.